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General Enquiries

What is Pgeon Store?

Pgeon Store is an authorised partner by Pgeon to make efficient and technology-oriented delivery service available at everyone’s convenience.

Pgeon Store delivery is supported by Pgeon with wide delivery network in Malaysia. 

What are the differences between Pgeon Store, Pgeon Point and Pgeon Hub?

Pgeon Store is independent store operated by authorised Pgeon agent. Existing business such as stationary store, mini marts, cafe or any business with shop lot may apply as Pgeon Store. Services available are:

  • Walk in 
  • Parcel drop off and pick up
  • Delivery 

Pgeon Points are the 4000+ retail outlets that collaborate with Pgeon to allow customers to drop off or pick up their parcel such as 7-Eleven, MyNews, 99 SpeedMart and many more. Services available are:

  • Parcel drop off and pick up

Pgeon Hubs are the offical Pgeon operation centre that does parcel sorting and delivery with lorry, vans and motorcycles. Services available are:

  • Walk in 
  • Parcel drop off and pick up
  • Delivery 
Can senders drop off my Pgeon parcels booked from EasyParcel.com to Pgeon Store?

Yes. Senders may drop off your parcel booked from EasyParcel.com at Pgeon Store Store. It will fall under drop off service with incentive given. 

Agent Programme

What type of license does agent need to apply as Pgeon Store agent?

For Pgeon Store Standard and Plus package, advertising and sign board license are required.

Feel free to contact us at 012-528 4286, we will guide you through the application process if you do not have the license yet. 

What are the agent models available?

4 types of agency models available. 

LITE – For existing retail owner that would love to earn extra side income from parcel delivery. Helps you to get more footstep to your shop too!

STANDARD – A physical shop that operates under the name of Pgeon Store. Complete with sign board, fixtures, packaging station, and everything to start with.

CARAVAN – Compact, cute and instagrammable caravan to be placed in malls, store front or anywhere suitable. All you need is internet and electricity.

PLUS – A physical Pgeon Store with first mile and last mile delivery capacity.
Owns your own delivery team and vehicles to deliver Pgeon shipments.

Check packages here: https://pgeon.store/packages/

What are the differences between Standard and Plus packages since they are both the same price?

Plus will have additional income stream which include delivery and collection services where you can be the rider to collect and deliver parcels too.

Check packages here: https://pgeon.store/packages/

What are the things that I will be getting if I sign up as Pgeon Store agent?

We have 4 Pgeon Store packages. Each package will get different items. You may see it the images below:


Is there any royalty fee?

No, we do not charge royalty fee. 

What is the contract period for Pgeon Store?

1 year. Renewal every 1 year. 


What happens when customer walks in to send a parcel?

The booking process is very seamless.

Walk in customer scans agent’s QR code and place the order on the mobile phone. One booking is done, agent just scan customer’s order using Pgeon Store App and print out the air waybill.  

Everything can be done on customer and also agent’s mobile phone.

Does Pgeon Store provide packaging service?

Customers may pack the parcel beforehand or may bring their bare item to Pgeon Store. Agents may sell packaging materials such as courier flyer, bubble mailer, bubble wraps and carton boxes.

Pgeon Store agents (Standard and Plus package) will have a packaging station with stationaries. 

Can customers get packaging supplies in Pgeon Store?

Pgeon Stores have a wide range of packaging supplies in every store. Customers can get packaging flyers, bubble wraps, bubble mailer, carton boxes, fragile tapes and more in store. 

How do I determine the weight of customer's parcel?

Every Pgeon Store will have a measuring scale. Agents may let customers measure the item weight in store. 

Do remember to calculate the volumetric weight of the parcel as Pgeon will charge delivery fee based on actual weight and volumetric weight, whichever higher. 

Volumetric weight: [ (Length x Weight x Height in cm) / 5000 ]

How many days does it take for my parcel to be delivered?

If in the domestic area, it will usually take 1-3 working days to be delivered. If it is in an international area, it will take around 2-14 working days depending on the country.

What should I do if my parcels have not been delivered after the given time frame?

For any shipment issue, Pgeon team is here to assist you. You may submit the tracking number and the description of the shipment issue to https://pgeon.store/contact/ 

I have already placed an order. How do I get the tracking number?

Once the order has been made, our agent will send you the receipt and tracking number to you via WhatsApp.

How do I track the parcel?

Track Pgeon shipment here.

Is there any prohibited item and non compensation item list?

Each courier may have their prohibited item for delivery. Feel free to check it out here: https://easyparcel.com/my/en/prohibited/ 


Are parcels sent through Pgeon Store protected under insurance?

Yes. All shipments sent from Pgeon Store will be covered under Pgeon basic insurance (for lost and damage). 

What should I do to get my parcel protected?

Orders made in Pgeon Store are automatically protected under courier basic insurance (for lost and damage). No additional action needed by senders. Once order is made, the insurance is automatically activated. 

How long will it take for claim to be processed?

The processing time frame for each courier would be different. Usually it might take up to 3-6 months.

Will senders be fully compensated for the shipment if it was damaged or lost and will it be accurate as what senders declared in the order (E.g. goods are worth RM23,000)?

The compensation amount shall be based on the value declared during booking, value stated on the invoice or the maximum coverage offered by courier companies, whichever lower.


Courier Provider

Lost/Damaged Parcel Reporting Time Frame 


Max Cover 

Pgeon Delivery  Within 2 working days  All RM200